29 Nov, 2018 - By Adam Goldman

How to Choose the Best Way to Start a Business

By Adam Goldman, Franchise Consultant Choosing the best way to start a business will make it easier for you to become a successful entrepreneur. Competing with established companies in your market is difficult unless your business operates at a high level.  Challenges that you will face include technology, marketing, accounting, sales, and capital. For example, business expenses such as insurance and utilities are unavoidable. Where will you get the capital to start paying for them while the business is young? How much equity will you give up  in exchange for an investment to jump-start your company? Successful entrep

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29 Nov, 2018 - By Adam Goldman Franchise Consultant

Attaining Work/Life Balance

Are there habits we can follow that will allow us to devote enough time to our families and work? Time is the most searched time on google. Trying to stay organized and have balance in our lives changes from week to week. The quest to attain “work/life balance” causes the most stress for professionals in the United States. In our culture, which rewards success, people are finding it more and more difficult to “succeed” at home and at work. Often, employees are unable to balance their careers and their families – they usually are more focused on one than the other. This dilemma has been linked to many problems

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26 Nov, 2018 - By Adam Goldman

Is Long-Term Employment Dead?

Adam Goldman Franchise Coach FranchiseCoach.net   According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees only stay at their companies for an average of 4.6 years.  Working for a big company does not equal job security.   There used to be an agreement between employees and the companies they worked for. An employee was supposed to be faithful and active in the organization. The employee would give effort and attention. In return, the organization would be in charge of the employee’s life. Working in an organization for more than 20 years was the norm. Then, the employee was given a pension

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