15 Jul, 2019 - By Adam Goldman

Should I Invest in a Day Care Franchise?

The day care industry in the United States provides day care related preschool services. The industry is booming and creating many new jobs.      The Reason for the Boom Many parents work full time.  They cannot take care of their children during the day. The day care industry takes care of kids during the day when their parents cannot. There are two main types of care offered in this industry- center-based care and family child care. Centers offer part-time and full-time pre-school and pre-kindergarten programs to children in addition to day care programs.  Market Analysis    This industry’s pr

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11 Jul, 2019 - By Adam Goldman

Should I Invest in a Yewale Tea Franchise? 

It is 5 pm in Pune, India and all roads lead to Yewale tea house. Nilesh Yewale is working very hard whipping up a brew of tea. His job is to satisfy the many customers who are eagerly waiting for the delicious and stimulating beverage.  It seems like a typical tea shop, but the main reason why it attracts so many tea enthusiasts is that Yewale sells a flawless blend of milk and tea. The residents of Pune sip on it in huge quantities every single day. Nilesh, 31, proudly asserts that 4,000 cups of are sold daily basis for monthly revenues of as much as Rs. 12 lakh. Nilesh is one of the richest tea vendors in India. 

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9 Jul, 2019 - By Adam Goldman

What are the benefits of purchasing a franchise?

  To understand the advantages and disadvantages of owning a franchise business you need to have a basis for comparison. Other ways to realize your dreams through business ownership include buying a business opportunity and creating a business from the ground up. There are definite advantages and disadvantages to owning a franchise business over these other career or business ownership options but to know which path is right for you, you should first look at your motivations and qualifications for business ownership.  Let’s consider three scenarios:   Scenario One You have been laid off from a 20-year

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