Laura. K

Where to begin? I woke up one day with an idea a few years ago of owning a business. I very casually over those few years talked with people and dabbled with some research on my own. Nothing ever came to fruition. Now here we are, “a few years later,” and Adam came into the picture. If it was not for Adam, I more likely than not, would still be dabbling into my own research and uneasy and unsure of what to do. He has been there for me like a friend would be there anytime I emailed him, texted him, or picked up the phone to cancel an appointment or change the time. He is flexible, inspirational, motivating, always so incredibly positive and upbeat, and just a Great person. I don’t ever feel pressured or like he is not being “real.” He wants me to realize my dreams and help me make them come true. Period. What a great guy to have on your side and in your corner. I couldn’t tell you how I came across Adam, (seriously I don’t remember, I called and filled out so many forms and looked up so many things online LOL) but I can tell you it for sure wasn’t an accident. Thank you, Adam! You truly make a difference in people’s lives, I wish there were more people like you in this world.


Daniel. P

First of all, Adam is very success-oriented person with great ideas with a courage to make those ideas go life. He is very good salesman. He is also talented in managing people. Over the period of 5 years he was my personal mentor and coach and taught me a lot.


Michael. K

Adam is very detailed oriented and always has been responsive. He has proven to be ahead of the curve with investments and I’ve worked with him on multiple projects/investments. He was one of my first clients and his foresight on the prospects of the investment have paid off for both him and his investors. I can highly recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future.